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RSS Miniblog, 9th January - So... I haven't updated this website at all since the start of December, and it's literally been a month since then! I had to give this website a major makeover, and so i did! Altough the update isn't that major, i've reorganized this site completely. Now there are actual pages for articles and miniblogs! Besides that, i've updated my articles by a lot, and added some new ones. I really hope to work on this website more so that it doesn't fall into another hiatus again.

RSS Latest Article - My previous homepage designs
Okay so, i might have mentioned how it's really difficult to organize stuff on this website since i only have static HTML documents to work with. But do you know what was even harder for me? Settling for a homepage design! That's right, instead of writing actual content for the website (which was the entire point of it to begin with!), i was constantly making changes to the current design of my homepage only to scrap it completely at a later time!


I go by UserPenalties, and this is my personal website. I write various articles on here, most of them being random thoughts and things i find interesting. It has been optimized for older web browsers so that it loads quickly, and it will also render nicely in Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator!

As to why i created this website, it's a long story. I used to upload videos on a youtube channel, but i hated how i was constrained to one type of content if i wanted to realistically attract any viewers. Meanwhile, the situation at youtube was getting really dire. One could say youtube was getting worse ever since the annonations were removed, but by the time the dislikes were removed it was VERY apparent.

It also didn't help that my content was mediocre at best. There was no voice-over in my videos, so i was really better off writing articles. I was interested in website creation at the time, and so i considered creating a website specifically for my youtube channel. But alas, i lost my desire to create videos on youtube so that never happened. You can probably imagine how the rest of this played out. I found the website of my friend dvd3000 and eventually he created this little thing called aftersleep.

In short, aftersleep is a collection of websites. Every member of aftersleep can get their very own * domain along with an email address! While you can view the actual website for more information, do know that it allows unsecure connections. If you want to get your website working on even the most archaic of browsers, then this is a major point! While you may not get that 1GB of storage space you would on Neocities, at least it's more likely for people to actually follow your website since it's not like they stumbled upon it at random.

And that's about it for the introduction part! Navigating this website is done through this little blue sidebar on the left, which is also present in some other pages. If you want to contact me then you can either reach me through the aftersleep chatbox, or shoot me an email. My email address is, don't forget it. As for discord and other social media platforms, forget about it. Have fun browsing my website!